Amphill Square, NW1, Camden council tower block flatsCopywriting for a tenants’ newsletter

Below are examples of articles from a newsletter for local authority tenants. There were intended to:

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Council flatsLegal tenants only

Do you know of people living in council homes who aren’t tenants?

We are very keen to make sure that all the people living in our properties are the people who should be there.

We are aware that tenants sometimes move out without telling us and allow other people to move in. Others move out, let their home to someone else and collect rent. This is very unfair to people on the waiting list.

The neighbourhood office will often find out if a home is occupied by someone who shouldn’t be there. However, we rely on you, the tenants, to let us know if you think keys have been passed to people who are not tenants or if someone is subletting their home.

Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence and the matter will be investigated fully. If we find that the occupiers are not the rightful tenants, we will take legal action to have them evicted.

council flats Moving home?

If you move home, we need to know in good time. This cuts down on the time your home is empty and allows us to plan any repairs and find a new tenant. For every week a home is empty, we lose a week’s rent and somebody waits another week for a home.

If you are moving out, you should give us at least four weeks’ notice. This is in your tenancy agreement. If you do not give us notice, you will be charged for rent for the four weeks after you leave.

Lots of people leave without telling us or just give us the keys on the day they go. This is not fair on those on the waiting list. We want to cut the time we take to deal with empty homes and want you to help by giving us notice.

(Steps tenants should take when moving out regarding eg council tax were also included.)


council flats Safe not sorry: insurance you can afford

Think for a moment about what you would do if you lost all your possessions because of fire, burglary or flood. Would you be able to afford to replace them? Without insurance, the answer is probably ‘no’.

Many tenants believe that the council will replace lost or damaged possessions. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is why we strongly recommend you insure you belongings.

We know money can be tight and that it can be difficult to find the right insurance for you. This is why we have tailored a policy to suit council tenants and negotiated the best possible prices without affecting quality.

The insurance scheme covers most items including furniture, clothing, TVs and videos (even if rented), carpets and freezer contents. You will be covered if you are away from home for up to 30 days.

Insurance costs only a few pounds a month. There is a low minimum amount, so you don’t pay for cover you don’t need.



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