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Did you know?

woman with rat

Could you be living next door to a rat? When are burglars the busiest? See the Did you know? cartoons (left and below) to find out.

Yes, you too can make use of all those surveys that hit your inbox every morning…

burglar derelict house fat cat girl with piggybank council queue


A headless chicken during a leadership election, the Bones commission, ducks and a moat (what else?) for MPs' expenses, alarm clock Britain idea fails to wake up and the Health and Social Care Act is a dog’s breakfast. More examples using illustrations and photographs available.

Click on covers to download a high-resolution version.


health and social care act dogs breakfast LIberator cover for Bones Commission alarm clock britain nick clegg Liberator cover showing headless chicken illustration


Tower block


See what the tower block is worried about and who’s getting the presents on the Public Relations page or by clicking on the images (both open in new window)

reindeer illustration


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