Fun stuff

Do some jigsaws and blow up a couple of tower blocks. These are all hosted by external sites. If you want to embed any of these in your web page, email me on webcall [at] clcomms (dot) com (see Copyright).

Boris Johnson Halloween mask

Boris Johnson horror maskTerrify your neighbours this year – click on the image to download a truly terrifying Boris Johnson horror mask.

Down with tower blocks

Click on the film below to blow up the tower blocks. You'll need Flash to see the film.

The tower blocks, Rathbone Point and Rachel Point, were demolished by controlled explosion as part of the regeneration of Nightingale Estate in Hackney, London, in November 2003.


Jigsaw puzzles

You can see all puzzles at a glance at the Puzzles by Christy Lawrance gallery hosted at


More puzzles

Sphinx and pyramid


Tabby and white cat




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